Patricio Rodriguez

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I am 24 years old and I am from Tucumán, Argentina. It is a small town in the North of my country. I always loved to traveling since I was a child, first I start with my family and then again at 17 years old with my friends. I always love to travel abroad, thats why since the first time I travel by my self I could never stop, always going to work for 3 months in different states of the United States and then come back for finishing my studies. I have been working in Wisconsin and Florida twice. I finished my degree in business administration in Argentina in August of last year, so I said to my self that now could be a great opportunity to travel without feeling the necessity to come back home!! I am currently traveling around the world indefinitely, I started going to Miami for some work so I could be able to save some money and then come to Europe. I spend 6 months in Miami, working in odd jobs, but enjoying life, because I love the weather over there and is full of people from all over the world and is always cool to meet people from different places. After Miami, I saw a cruise that goes from Miami to London, so I thought it could be the best way to cross the Atlantic, so I did it with 8 more friends, and it was amazing. I like to travel without plans and do what I feel at the moment, my philosophy is that you have to enjoy the moment and live today.